Monday, 6 January 2014

Talking Dog Jimmy

Now available on Android Market:  Talking Dog Jimmy

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A free, yet very entertaining app of a talking and laughing dog, dog's name is Jimmy. If you talk to Jimmy, he will talk back to you. You tickle Jimmy, he can't control his laughter.
Jimmy is a cute, friendly, and wise dog who loves to talk to you in his sweet and a pet like voice.
Jimmy is very disciplined, obedient, and well behaving dog, he won't bark only speak and repeat what's said to him.
Jimmy has his dog house, pan and bone nearby.

Jimmy is a fun-loving dog with white fur, ready to play with you.
Kids love talking to Jimmy, and they feel as if he is their real dog.
Jimmy is also a great source of entertainment for adults, and he gives them many great laughs.
Talking Dog Jimmy App Features:
- Dog talks back what you say to him.
- You tickle him, he has a great laugh.
- His voice is sweet and funny.
- His look is natural and friendly.
- Kids love him and like to talk to him for hours.
- He is a great source of fun and entertainment for kids and their family.

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