Monday, 24 June 2013

AniSnd Animal Sounds

New app released on Google play (Android market)

AniSnd Animal Sounds on Android Market

AniSnd Animal Sounds

Enjoy Animal Sounds and music...

The sounds of animal's are vividly
expressed through a panorama of animal, nature photos and video. Relax and enjoy this Android app which has video and photos of animals such as:

- lion
- bird
- sheep
- horse
- peacock
- owl
- frog
- elephant
- zoo animals
- forest

An entertaining panorama of photos are shown.
Relaxing music, photos and video to enjoy.  Make a game out of guess the next animal.
De-stress with this musical medely of drums, keyboard, piano and sounds effects.

Insure your health and boost productivity by using this app to relieve anger, stress, and tension.

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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Shiva Bhajan app on Google Play Store

New Shiva Bhajan app..
Download this new Shiva Bhajan app! This is an app that shows images of Lord Shiva in his various forms and poses. The app displays a slideshow of Lord Shiva and plays devotional music dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Shiva is a major deity in the Hindu religion. Shiva is a major deity alongside Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma.

Shiva Bhajan Android Market Link

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