Tuesday, 9 September 2014

New app! Voice Changer to Pets for Android

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Voice Changer to Pets on Android Play Store


Record your voice and change it to voices of your different pets. 
Amazingly you also have a Robot as a pet, who is always waiting for your command.
List of pets you can choose:
Cat, Nala
Dog, Thor
Fish, Alpha
Parrot, Midas
Robot, Astar

Remarkably, you can also add echo and reverb to every voice.
An awesome app to entertain and trick your friends.
Voice Changer to Pets' App Features
- This app lets you record your voice and change it to voices of 5 different pets of your choice, including a robot.
- It lets you add echo and reverb to any voice.
- It's a real fun and entertainment for kids, friends and family.
- It's a good app for pranks.
Tags: kids, pet, pets, robot, cat