Friday, 27 December 2013

Scanner QR Barcode App released

Scanner QR Barcode App has been released on Android app store

Scanner QR Barcode app on Android app store

Scanner QR Barcode utilizes the Android camera interface to instantly scan QR codes and Barcodes.
Simply enter the scanning mode, and place the QR code or barcode in the highlighted camera viewfinder.
Scanner QR Barcode will scan the barcode and provide you with the encoded results, whether its a text string,
website URL, or other encoded information.

App features include:
- scan QR codes
- scan barcodes
- view decoded results in a popup
- one click access to launch links to website URL's decoded from QR code
- share results via email, sms, or social media
- elegant and sleek, easy to use interface

Scanner QR Barcode is brought to you by 166ontcorp apps.

Talking Cat Android App

New Talking Cat Android app now available for download on google play!
Talking Cat on Google Play App Store
A free, very entertaining app in which a friendly, cute looking cat talks back and says whatever you say to her, in a funny pet like voice. Kids love the cat's look, her voice, and they feel as if they are talking to a real cat. Adults also get lots of entertainment and laughs.
            This app not only surprises kids, and provides them with lots of fun and entertainment, it also makes them become friends with the cat.  Apps like a cat talking help in developing conversational skill in kids.

Cat Talking App Features:
- Cat talks back what you say.
- Cat's voice is sweet and funny.
- Her look is natural and friendly.
- Kids love talking cat and like to talk to it for hours.
- It's a great source of fun and entertainment for kids and their family.

talking cat, friendly, conversation, fun, laugh
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