Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Battery Life android battery app

New free battery application released on Android Market:  Battery Life

Battery Life android app on Google Play

Battery Life is a free app which indicates the battery life left as a percentage for your android phone or tablet. Monitor and extend your battery life with this useful app! Battery Life features an awesome battery UI.
Battery Life features an easy to use and elegant interface to display all the pertinent information about your battery charge with simple and gorgeous controls.
Battery Life displays your current battery charge level as a percentage. Other stats breakdown are shown to help you manage your power levels while you are browsing, playing songs and Youtube videos, using Facebook and Twitter, or making phone calls.
New features coming soon to Battery Life Info:
- Temperature
- Voltage
- Health status
- Technology (eg. Li-on Lithium Ion)
Battery widget is available for Android smartphone and tablet devices.

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