Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Rama Bhajan android app now available!

New Rama Bhajan android app now available!

Rama Bhajan android app now available!

Rama Bhajan android app:
Rama Bhajan free android app is available for smartphones and tablets. Worship the Lord Rama wherever you go
with this free app. Lord Rama is the great warrior prince of Hinduism, and an incarnation of the supreme Lord Vishnu.
The app displays photos and slideshow images of Lord Rama while playing devotional bhajan music.
More on Lord Rama (from Wikipedia):
Rama is the seventh avatar of the God Vishnu in Hinduism, and a king of Ayodhya in Hindu scriptures. Along with, Krishna the eight avatar of Vishnu, Rama is considered to be the most important avatar of Vishnu. He is also one of the most popular gods in Hinduism and is widely worshipped throughout Nepal and India. In a few Rama-centric sects, Rama is considered the Supreme Being, rather than an avatar. Rama was born in Suryavansha (Ikshvaku Vansham) later known as Raghuvansha after king Raghu. When depicted with his brother Lakshman and consort Sita, with Hanuman kneeling in a state of prayer, this form is called Ram Parivar, and is the typical fixture depicting Rama in Hindu mandirs, or temples. The Hindi word parivar translates as "family."
Prior to the eleventh century there were no temples to Rama, since he was viewed as human. Rama bhakti poetry starts to emerge only in the sixteenth century. However, the Archaeological Survey of India found ancient remains of a temple in the Rama Janmabhoomi in a survey conducted in 1992 indicating the existence of pre-ancient Rama worship.

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