Thursday, 13 February 2014

Talking Cat With Friends now launched!

Now available:  Talking Cat With Friends Android App

Talking Cat With Friends on Google Play

Talking Cat With Friends
A free, yet very entertaining app in which a friendly cat, Lucy, and her friends like to repeat whatever you say to them.
Lucy and her friends are cute and sweet. Kids love them, and feel as if they are talking to real cats. Adults also get lots of fun and amusement.
The three cats are also very acrobatic, and off and on, they put on an entertaining show,
This app not only provides entertainment to kids, but also makes them friendly with animals.
This app gives all the fun kids want, and our goal is nothing else but to make kids happy.
Install the app, and keep it installed,  as the app doesn't take much memory of your device.

Talking Cat With Friends App Features:
- Cats talks back what you say to them.
- Their voices are sweet and friendly.
- They look real and natural.
- Kids love them and like to talk to them for hours.
- They also love talking to kids.
- It's a great source of fun and amusement for kids and their family.

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