Saturday, 15 February 2014

Talking Lion Android App

Talking Lion Android App available on Google Play

Talking Lion android app

The lion Hossa is a born beast, his look is aggressive, but he is gentle at heart. He loves his family, and all animals around him.
Hossa and his family love to talk to you, and they also like to roar with no intention of doing harm to anyone.
Hossa has  a beautiful cub Faron. All animals love Faron and like to play with him.
Faron's mom is a dedicated mother, she takes good care of him, and teaches him good things.
The three make a good family.
Our aim is to develop apps that make kids happy.
Install the app, and keep it installed,  as the app doesn't take much memory of your device.

 Talking Lion App Features:
- A pet lion and his family talk back what you say to them.
- Their voices are funny and entertaining..
- Their looks are  natural and friendly.
- They also like to roar without doing any harm to others.
- Kids love them and like to talk to them for hours.
- The lion family also loves talking to kids.
- It's a great source of fun and entertainment for kids and their family.

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